Cold Drinks

We are delighted to announce that our BREAKFAST & LUNCH delivery service for Bishop's Stortford is now FREE.

Order online before 10:30am Monday to Thursday for breakfast (Sorry, No Breakfast deliveries on Friday at the moment) and before 11:00am Monday through Friday for Lunch. Please see our delivery zone.

You to customise your sandwiches, jacket potatoes, salads or panini. You can even get creative and custom design your own using any of our available ingredients.  

We welcome visitors to the shop and can take orders over the telephone, we do prefer to receive your orders online as we have an automated label system that helps eliminate errors and makes life easier all round. We take cards and cash in the shop and you can pay online with all debit / credit cards and PayPal or select the Cash-on-Delivery option. Cash on delivery when set up for you is only available when signed in as a user & not available when signed in as a guest.